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Retro 16-bit Amiga games headed to Google Play this holiday season

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Amiga Blakespot Flickr
Amiga Blakespot Flickr

Retro gaming fans take note: Amiga Games has announced that it will be bringing a number of its classics to Google Play beginning this holiday season. In announcing its newly formed distribution deal with Google, Writers' Group Film Corp. — which just purchased Amiga earlier this month — cited Android's overwhelming marketshare as the determining reason for the move. "These developments will further strengthen our competitive advantage in the gaming marketplace," said CEO Eric Mitchell. "AGI's classic titles focus on delivering a quality gaming experience for the consumer, so I am very optimistic about our new distribution arrangements."

Before the buyout, Amiga Games had made a business of resurrecting classic titles originally found on Commodore's Amiga system and republishing them on gaming consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. Unfortunately Android users have been left out to this point, instead turning to third-party emulators to get their vintage fix.