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'Sponsored updates' are coming to your LinkedIn news feed

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LinkedIn Login
LinkedIn Login

LinkedIn has worked over the past couple of years to add valuable content to the social network beyond online resumes: the company's introduced a massive redesign with a focus on new content like news aggregation service LinkedIn Today and posts from influencers like Richard Branson. Now that the content is there, LinkedIn is ready to monetize it with "sponsored updates" in its users' homepage feeds. LinkedIn is currently rolling out the new ads, which will appear alongside traditional content much like sponsored posts on Twitter and Facebook, and you should expect to see them both online and in mobile apps.


Like its competitors, LinkedIn is offering advertising partners tools to target their ads using the information users have uploaded to the social network. That means you should only see relevant sponsored updates in your feed. The posts will be marked as a "sponsored update." LinkedIn has been testing these ads in a pilot program, but today marks the official launch. The ads will supplement LinkedIn's primary revenue source, paid tools for job recruiters.

Update: LinkedIn has informed us that users will be able to dismissed sponsored updates.