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BlackBerry's upcoming A10 flagship leaks in photos and video

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blackberry a10 leak
blackberry a10 leak

BlackBerry is reported to be working on a bigger and faster flagship smartphone called the A10, and a new series of leaked photos have provided one of our best looks yet at the upcoming device. Twitter user Vũ Thạnh has posted three pictures of the purported BlackBerry smartphone, showcasing its home screen, boot screen, and rear cover. While nothing on the device is out of line with what we'd expect from BlackBerry's next flagship, the rear view — which is pictured below — helps to detail the rounded taper that we heard about previously.

The BlackBerry A10 has been rumored to resemble the shape of Samsung's Galaxy S4, and that description doesn't seem to be too far off from what's been pictured so far. The device also has an HTC One-styled chin — while BlackBerry has used that same shape before on its own Z10 smartphone, which actually preceded the One, the two-tone color scheme appears to have become much more pronounced on the new device. The A10 is also rumored to have a 5-inch AMOLED display, a dual-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. Reports suggest that BlackBerry will target the device toward gamers and launch it sometime this November.


Update: Vietnamese site Tinhte, which has a prolific history of acquiring devices before their official announcement, appears to have gotten its hands on the BlackBerry A10 as well. The site has posted a gallery with several high-resolution images of the alleged device, as well as a video showing it in action.