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'Chromecast' device on Google support page hints at streaming TV dongle

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chromecast (droid-life)
chromecast (droid-life)

Some visitors to Google’s support page have spotted something peculiar on the company’s list of devices — an unannounced product called "Chromecast," reports Droid-Life. It’s already been removed from the site and details are essentially nonexistent, but some are speculating that it could be a streaming HDMI dongle for the television. Droid-Life believes that the device could be an inexpensive way to "cast" content from the mobile or desktop Chrome browsers to your TV, bringing simple streaming of YouTube videos, Google Play purchases, and other web content to the living room. If the device is real (support staff reportedly said that it was only available in certain areas), we should hopefully find out more about it at Google’s event tomorrow.