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Skrillex site defaced by infamous penguin hacker

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Musician laughs off attack

eboz skrillex hack
eboz skrillex hack

A hacker has taken down Skrillex's website, replacing it with the same page that was used in a widespread attack last year. Back in November 2012, the Turkish hacker "Eboz" targeted over 280 Pakistani domains, including the official sites of Apple, Microsoft, and Google in a massive DNS hack. The Skrillex attack, then, represents a change of pace for Eboz.

Rather than using the hacks to make a political point (like the Syrian Electronic Army), Eboz's calling card is a simple Turkish-language page, poetically proclaiming:

"My homies are always with me, among friends,

Is there anyone not with me in every breath I take?"

"Greetings to friends; we're not dead, still living,

I have nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter, or forum accounts."

The last line of text is hidden, and appears to be a note to any would-be impersonators to back off. The work is accompanied by an image depicting a pair of penguins wistfully waddling off into the sunset. Last year, in at least one attack, one of the flightless birds lost its companion. We're glad to see the pair reunited today.

Skrillex, for his part, seems unfazed by today's events: