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'Kanye Quest 3030' sends Yeezus to battle Jay Z in a dystopian future

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kanye quest 3030
kanye quest 3030

Kanye's been tripping off his power, and a new RPG wants to see him put it all to use. In a science fiction hip-hop mashup, Kanye Quest 3030 sends Mr. West through a wormhole and off into a twisted, dystopian future in which the prolific rapper Lil B reigns supreme. In order to return to his own time, Kanye is forced to take on and team up with clones of Jay Z, Eminem, the RZA, and other rap favorites. Rap battles have the hip hop legends dissing opponents, bragging about accomplishments, and using slick production techniques to gain an edge.

"Could you be The Yeezy One?"

Altogether, it should give players some understanding of what's like to live a day in the life of Yeezus. The game was built on top of RPG Maker VX, a program that allows users to craft custom RPGs — but unfortunately only runs on Windows. For those who can play it, Kanye Quest 3030 is available as a free download.