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Official White House photographer launches Instagram feed, will only share photos from his smartphone

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white house statue
white house statue

There's no question that President Obama's administration has made social media a huge part of its communication strategy, with strong presences on just about every network you can think of. From Facebook to Google+ to Instagram to Tumblr, the White House is there — and now official White House photographer Pete Souza has joined the fun and launched his own Instagram feed. Souza, who was the first photographer to shoot the official presidential portrait with a digital camera, announced his new network over Twitter earlier today and has already posted a pair of photos — one of the presidential seal and one from on board Air Force One.

Souza also confirmed that he'll be shooting photos to Instagram using his smartphone rather than uploading images originally taken on a DSLR (he's previously stated that he uses an iPhone, but we asked him to confirm what he's using on his Instagram feed). And if you already follow the official White House Flickr feed, you don't need to worry about duplicates — all the photos Souza shoots on Instagram photos will be unique to that network. Given Souza's access, this feed could quickly become a more interesting account than the official White House Instagram, which hasn't really found its stride yet.