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Time Warner Cable won't be buying a stake in Hulu any time soon, says Reuters

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Apple TV Hulu Plus
Apple TV Hulu Plus

Time Warner Cable's plans to buy a 25 percent stake in streaming video site Hulu may have fizzled. Reuters reports that negotiations between Time Warner Cable and Hulu's parent companies Disney, NBCUniversal, and 21st Century Fox have stalled after the companies failed to come to an agreement over price. None of these companies have commented on whether they were negotiating in the first place, let alone whether they're still doing so. However, Reuters' sources say no further talks between the two are planned, though they may resume at some point.

Hulu was put up for sale in the spring of 2013, and several prospective buyers (including Yahoo) reportedly made bids for the service. Earlier this month, however, the sale was called off; after that, Hulu's parent companies were said to have started talking to Time Warner Cable. If this report is true, it adds another line to the list of failed and aborted deals for Hulu, which remains a strong presence in the streaming market but has reportedly seen the departure of several key employees and a disconnect between the site's ambitions and its parent companies' requirements.