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Google's new Nexus 7 priced from £199.99 for September release in UK

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Google's updated Nexus 7 tablet will cost £40 (roughly $61) more than the previous model in the UK, according to a pre-order listings from one of the country's largest consumer electronics retail groups. The listings, currently live on PC World and Currys' websites, pegs the 16GB Wi-Fi Nexus 7 at £199.99 ($307) and the 32GB version at £239.99 ($368) including sales tax.

That's a considerable price hike compared to the previous generation, which sells at £159.99 (16GB) and £199.99 (32GB). In the US, the price difference between new and old models is just $30 before tax. The pre-order listing also indicates a September 13th release date in the UK, but that could, of course, be subject to change.