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Nokia does what Google and Microsoft couldn't, releases YouTube Upload app

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Lumia 1020 angle (1024px)
Lumia 1020 angle (1024px)

Windows Phone's tortured relationship with YouTube has been well documented, but the schisms between Microsoft and Google have evidently not prevented Nokia from introducing a new YouTube Upload app. As the name makes abundantly clear, the app's designed to let you upload your glorious Lumia video recordings to YouTube's servers. You can do so either by selecting the particular video file on the device or via the Nokia Video Trimmer app.

Early reports suggest that YouTube Upload can only be installed on the brand new Lumia 1020 and our own attempts with a Lumia 800, Lumia 900, and a pair of other handsets found no success. Nonetheless, looking at the app's description and WVGA display support, it looks likely to be rolled out to the rest of Nokia's family of devices updated to Windows Phone 8.