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Apple urges China to only use official chargers after recent fatality

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Lighting Cable stock 1020
Lighting Cable stock 1020

Following the recent death of a Chinese woman that was reportedly "electrocuted by her iPhone," Apple has posted guidance on its website urging citizens to only use its official chargers. An information page detailing the company's power adapters (first spotted by The Next Web) is now linked prominently on the front page of Apple's China portal. It offers users guidance on all the chargers available from Apple in the country, including detailed shots of the official markings found on each.

Following the incident, Apple said it was "deeply saddened" to learn of the tragedy, and offered its condolences to the lady's family. It pledged to "fully investigate and cooperate with authorities" on the matter. Apple has yet to make another statement on the case, but the sudden appearance of the guidance is clearly a response to recent reports claiming the woman in question was using an unofficial charger.