Kickstarter has become the go-to place for game studios looking to get out from underneath the publishers' thumbs. And gamers have certainly taken notice, helping multiple companies raise in excess of $1 million each to build their dream projects. The thing is, so far none of these big-name projects have seen the light of day, and a number have seen major delays. Double Fine, for instance, recently announced that Broken Age, perhaps the most high-profile Kickstarter game to date, would be split in two so that the studio could sell the first half of the game in order to fund its increasingly larger scope.

We know that Kickstarter can be a great tool to fund smaller titles like Kentucky Route Zero, but there have been no examples of great crowdfunded games built by bigger teams on a bigger budget; that is, until now. Today marks the launch of Shadowrun Returns on Windows and Mac, a role-playing game from Harebrained Schemes that managed to exceed its initial funding goal by 459 percent last April. So what does $1.8 million buy you on Kickstarter? In the case of Shadowrun Returns, a damn fine old-school RPG.