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Leaked photo shows Nokia's rumored 6-inch Lumia

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Nokia Lumia 6-inch
Nokia Lumia 6-inch

Following a Financial Times report indicating Nokia was working on a large-screen smartphone, an image leaked by ICTech claims to depict the display glass of what looks to be a giant phone. The FT originally reported that Nokia was working on a Samsung Galaxy Note competitor based on Windows Phone 8 back in April, claiming that the device would be launched by the end of this year. We understand that Nokia is currently testing large-screen Lumias, including a 6-inch device.

We first reported that Windows Phone 8 would add support for 1080p resolutions with the upcoming GDR3 update — a fact that was later confirmed by a former Microsoft and Nokia engineer. 1080p support opens the door to larger phones, and is also thought to allow for more columns of Live Tiles. We understand that the GDR3 update will also provide support for quad-core processors from Qualcomm, likely a necessity to power a 1080p device.

Tom Warren contributed to this report.