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Amazon expands the Kindle Singles world with new long-form interview series

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The first edition features a 40-page interview with the president of Israel

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Gallery Photo: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review pictures
Gallery Photo: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review pictures

Amazon has been expanding the scope of its Kindle Singles line since it launched in early 2011 — it now offers a pretty wide selection of long-form journalism as well as short fiction, and now the company is adding an entirely new category. A new series called "the Kindle Singles Interview" has just launched with an interview with Israeli president Shimon Peres by David Samuels, a contributing editor at Harper's Magazine. Judging from the interview's page on Amazon's store, it's a far more in-depth interview than you'll see in most publications — it clocks in at about 42 pages. It's priced at 99 cents, and Amazon Prime subscribers can check it out for free. While the new Kindle Singles interview series doesn't significantly change the scope of what the company is already offering with Kindle Singles, it should provide a solid, inexpensive option for those who love long-form interviews. Unfortunately, Amazon didn't say when the next interview would hit the store.