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Microsoft rolls out Internet Explorer 11 developer preview for Windows 7

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IE11 developer preview
IE11 developer preview

Microsoft today rolled out a developer preview of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7. The release contains many of the performance boosts included with the browser in Windows 8.1, though it lacks any of that operating system's "Metro" styling. Instead, the Windows 7 version of IE11 is the traditional desktop flavor you've come to know, but with faster page loads than ever before. Microsoft says all of the security improvements and under-the-hood optimizations of IE11 are also here, so you won't need to upgrade your desktop OS for a safer browsing experience when it's released to consumers. (The company is keeping mum on exactly when that will be.) All told, Microsoft says IE11 runs four percent faster than its predecessor IE10, and shows gains of 30 percent compared against its "nearest competitive browser" — Chrome 28. There are some reasons to embrace the latest release of Windows, however. Whereas IE11 in Windows 8.1 will be able to stream Netflix without any plugins, you'll still need to install Silverlight on the last-gen OS.