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'Shadow of the Eternals' returns to Kickstarter with Solid Snake's voice actor and a lower goal

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shadow eternals 2
shadow eternals 2

Precursor Games has returned to Kickstarter for a second shot at funding Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual sequel to the GameCube cult classic Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. The developer cancelled its first Kickstarter about halfway through as funding remained low, but this time around, Precursor has a big draw that could help it to succeed: the longtime voice behind Solid Snake. Voice actor David Hayter — who played Snake from 1998 through 2010 — is reportedly signed on to play the game's lead character, should it go into production following a successful campaign.

A much lower funding goal for its second campaign

While Hayter's appeal should help, so should Precursor's drastically lower funding goal: the developer is only looking for $750,000 this time around — around half as much as the previous goal of $1,350,000. Many suspected that original campaign was cancelled due to a shortage of backers, however Precursor told Polygon that they had in fact raised additional money through PayPal, making the situation look more dire than it truly was. For its second go, Precursor is raising money on Kickstarter alone, and it's reportedly lined up outside funding to allow for a lower end goal.

This new Kickstarter is also presenting a somewhat different take on Eternals in an effort to further please fans. Precursor had originally intended to release the game across several short episodes, but many were worried that low funding would lead to the series never being completed. Eternals is now set to be a single, standalone experience that runs around 8-10 hours long. Its Kickstarter began earlier today, and Precursor has already raised over $55,000 in pledges.