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Play this: 'A Ride into the Mountains' is a beautiful, challenging adventure

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A Ride into the Mountains
A Ride into the Mountains

A Ride into the Mountains seems to have two very disparate influences: it has a vibe reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, but with a game mechanic straight out of Angry Birds. That may sound weird, but it really works. The game follows a nameless man and his horse as they venture off to fight some evil spirits in, well, the mountains. The key to the game is archery, and this is where the Angry Birds style comes in. To shoot you'll pull back with your finger, aim, and then let go to fire arrows with your bow. But things quickly get very tricky.

You'll have to deal with shifting winds, as well as a range of enemies include a handful of bosses. You'll also be able to move by tilting your device and eventually you'll gain the ability to temporarily slow down time. Juggling all of these different elements makes for an awfully challenging game, but it's worth dying a few times to explore the beautiful, pixelated world that unfolds along your journey. A Ride into the Mountains is available now on both Android and iOS.