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Cowboys Stadium becomes AT&T Stadium in multimillion-dollar deal

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Cowboys Stadium
Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium is dead. Today it was announced that, effective immediately, the home turf of one of the NFL's most storied teams has been renamed AT&T Stadium. It's rumored to be a multimillion-dollar deal, but neither side is putting an exact figure on the sponsorship. Rather, AT&T contends that the move makes perfect sense; Dallas is home to the telecom giant's corporate headquarters. But the news is certain to be less welcomed by fans, particularly since the "Cowboys" moniker is now omitted from the name entirely.

If you're keeping score, AT&T now has its name plastered on venues used by nearly every major sporting league. The San Francisco Giants call AT&T Park home, and the NBA's San Antonio Spurs play at AT&T Center.

Corporate sponsorships among NFL teams isn't a new trend by any stretch; in 2011 Bloomberg found that 22 teams played in venues saddled with a corporate name. And as NPR reports, the Cowboys have long been in search of just this sort of deal. Still, after rolling out a ripoff of an upgrade plan, AT&T isn't doing itself any favors in the eyes of sports fans by rebadging hallowed ground. It's not all bad, though: AT&T is promising to double Wi-Fi capacity within the stadium and enhance the Cowboys' smartphone app with new maps and other features before regular play kicks off against the New York Giants September 8th.