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Peter Jackson liveblogging the last day of 'Hobbit' shooting on Facebook today

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One last day of filming Middle-earth

Peter Jackson and Gandalf
Peter Jackson and Gandalf

It's just after 8:00 AM in Wellington, New Zealand, and director Peter Jackson has just started his last day of shooting for The Hobbit trilogy. It's been more than two years since Jackson and his crew first started production on his return to Middle-earth, and the director is understandably getting a little nostalgic — he's posted photos to his Facebook saying goodbye to Martin Freeman and Ian McKellan on their last days of shooting, but today he's taking things a step farther and attempting to "liveblog" the entire last day of shooting to give readers a sense of what an average day on set is like. Jackson admitted that the last day of shooting is far from a "normal" day, and also that he'll only be able to post as much as his schedule allows, but he's wanted to do it throughout the film's production and today is his last shot.

Jackson's first update was posted from his bed at 6:30 AM Wellington time, as he reviewed video in his custom "WingNut TV" iPad app — a tool build to let him and his crew view daily footage, previsualization shots, music, fully-edited sequences, and more. While Jackson's trying to keep things spoiler-free, he did note that he was catching up on some battle choreography for the third film. The shoot is scheduled to go through 7:30 PM Wellington time — over 11 hours from now — so stay tuned in to Peter Jackson's Facebook page to watch him make a movie live. Jackson's so far done an excellent job of keeping fans informed about the movie's progress on his Facebook page with an in-depth series of production videos (the most recent is below), frequent blogs, and photos from the set, so today will hopefully be a great look behind the curtain.