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Panasonic Lumix GX7 mirrorless camera leaks with tilting viewfinder and retro style

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panasonic gx7 leak

Details of Panasonic's long-awaited follow-up to the popular Lumix GX1 Micro Four Thirds camera appear to have leaked. According to an image spotted on and specs reported by 4/3 Rumors, the GX7 will feature a tilting electronic viewfinder, on-sensor image stabilization, a 16- or 18-megapixel sensor, a tilting 3-inch screen, and Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

The latest camera maker to go retro

The camera also appears to have taken more than a little influence from Fujifilm's X series, with metal construction and the option of a retro-style silver and black colorway. The leaked image shows a 20mm prime lens mounted on the GX7, suggesting it will be offered as part of a kit.

The GX1 was expected to kick off a new series of enthusiast-focused mirrorless cameras when it launched in 2011 — a spiritual successor to the much-loved GF1, its focus on physical controls in a compact body won it many fans. An update is long overdue, then, but GX1 owners might have to pay more than they're used to. If 4/3 Rumors' report is accurate, the GX7 body alone will sell for €1,000 (about $1,320), whereas the GX1 cost €599.99 ($699.99).