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'Breaking Bad' episodes will air on Netflix UK immediately following US broadcast

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Breaking bad cast
Breaking bad cast

The much-anticipated final episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad will be available to watch on Netflix UK immediately following their US broadcast. The half-season premieres on AMC August 11th at 9PM ET (2AM BST), and Netflix users in the UK will be able to watch each episode after it finishes airing stateside.

This instant syndication could represent a real shift in the way American broadcasters approach foreign audiences. AMC's The Killing is syndicated to Netflix's UK users in the same way. Although the situation has improved in recent years, British viewers have traditionally had to wait until at least the following night, and often face delays of days to watch their favorite shows. This has led to high rates of piracy for hit US series like Game of Thrones, True Blood, and The Walking Dead. "Netflix has been instrumental in making Breaking Bad the success that it is," says Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, echoing previous comments on the platform. "I am delighted that fans [in the UK] will be able to enjoy the end of Breaking Bad on Netflix so soon after it airs in the US."