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Best New Apps: Frontback

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Nearly the entire concept of Frontback resides in its name. Snap a picture with your iPhone’s front camera, then another with your back camera, and boom: a frontback is born. As app creator Fred della Faille puts it: "Your face is the caption." There’s a dumb fun in using this app that recalls the experience of sending your first few Snapchats. In an era where the selfie reigns supreme, Frontback elevates it to the level of art.

You can share your frontback on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and the image also appears within the app itself. A smooth-scrolling feed shows photos from you, your friends, and the Frontback staff’s own well curated picks. Already, users are branching out beyond basic subject and selfie combinations to capture themselves playing guitar, staring at the sky, or recording what they had for dinner.

It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that the novelty of Frontback will wear off. For now, though, we’re hooked — it’s a fresh take on photography that feels perfectly suited to its time.

The app is free for iOS; no word on when we might see an Android version.