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Pinterest now tracks your web history for suggestions, lets you opt out with Do Not Track

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pinterest less strobe
pinterest less strobe

In an effort to provide its users with a more personalized experience, Pinterest says it will be "trying out" some new features in the coming weeks. "We want you to feel like Pinterest is really yours," writes software engineer Ke Chen, who says the new tools are designed to help you "see more pins you love, and fewer you don’t." For instance, Pinterest will now — with a user's permission — suggest pins and boards based on web browsing history. Visiting websites that display a "Pin It" button will influence what shows up in your home feed. One example of how this works is found at Pinterest's help center: "If you visited a bunch of cooking websites recently, we might show you more recipe pins, or show you other stuff that people have pinned from those websites."

Of course, not everyone is going to be on board with Pinterest keeping an eye on their browsing activity, and the company recognizes as much. Pinterest says it "totally supports" the Do Not Track option in select browsers that prevents personal information from automatically being collected by cookies. Twitter has also adopted the DNT standard, giving its users the ability to opt out of personalized advertising on the popular service. Both remain in the minority, however, as support for Do Not Track in Silicon Valley still isn't what we'd call widespread.