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See how Twitter feels with real-time emoji tracker

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emoji lede
emoji lede

Some say that emoji have taken over the world — and there's no better way to see that dominance in action than by checking out It's real-time visualization of what the most popular emoji being used on Twitter, all displayed in a possibly seizure-inducing grid (seriously, the site has a warning for those prone to seizures) that flashes every time a different emoji is posted on Twitter. By far the most popular is, perhaps not surprisingly, a small heart on a white backdrop; the least popular (at least as of right now) is the oft-maligned "left luggage" icon. If you click through on the specific emoji icon, you'll see a stream of all the tweets being posted with the icon you've selected — and in the case of the heart, it's a staggering stream that you can't possibly keep up with. Beyond the novelty of seeing just which emoji are most popular (and almost as amusing, which ones are rarely used), the visualization also does a pretty good job at showing the extreme pace at which tweets are posted every second. Check out the site, find your favorite emoji, and watch the tweets just pour in.