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Google puts the Nexus 7 on sale four days early

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Nexus 7 Verge (1024px)
Nexus 7 Verge (1024px)

Google's new Nexus 7 tablet wasn't supposed to go on sale until July 30th, but its retail partners apparently had other ideas in mind — Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart all made the tablet available today. Now that the cat's out of the bag, Google has decided to do the same and officially put the Nexus 7 on sale. The company announced the early on sale date via Twitter; you can go place an order now through Google Play if you haven't already picked up the tablet through the aforementioned retailers. This time around, Google's offering free ground shipping — a nice change after the Nexus 4 came with relatively expensive shipping costs. If you want it ASAP, you can pay $13.99 to have it arrive two days after shipments begin on July 30th. Of course, if you want the tablet that fast, you might as well try visiting a local store first. Unfortunately, only the Wi-Fi versions are available right now. If you're looking for a Nexus 7 with LTE, you'll need to be patient.