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Jay Z's six-hour New York art gallery performance is now an HBO special

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Jay Z performing Picasso Baby at Pace Gallery
Jay Z performing Picasso Baby at Pace Gallery

Earlier this month, Jay Z gave a six-hour lip syncing performance at New York's Pace Gallery — and now it's going to be an HBO special. Jay Z's Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film documents the largely unannounced show that took place before a select crowd that shared the show with the world in real time over Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. During the taping, the rapper mouthed just one song: "Picasso Baby," off his new album Magna Carta... Holy Grail.

The special will air August 2nd at 11PM ET, but before the premiere Jay Z will be guesting on HBO's talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher. The artist formerly known as Jay-Z — note the hyphen — knows how to grab attention, and it looks like Picasso Baby won't disappoint. Check out the trailer to Picasso Baby below, and keep an eye out for Alan Cumming, Judd Apatow, and performance artist Marina Abramović, all of whom get in on the act.