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Gallery Photo: HTC One vs. HTC One mini
Gallery Photo: HTC One vs. HTC One mini

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HTC One mini vs. HTC One

The shrunken sibling to HTC's big Android flagship

It wasn't long ago that we thought of 4.3-inch handsets as the upper limit of smartphone dimensions. Back in 2009, when the venerable HTC HD2 introduced the form factor, it appeared exotically large and unwieldy, and yet today we refer to such devices as "mini" versions of their flagship brethren.

Latest among them is the HTC One mini, the 4.3-inch 720p sibling to the 4.7-inch 1080p One. It aims to distill the core features of the One into a more compact form without compromising the user experience along the way. You'll have to wait for our full review early next week to find out if it succeeds, but for a selection of the skin-deep differences and similarities, scroll on!


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