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'Arrested Development' is 'definitely' coming back, says series creator Mitch Hurwitz

'Arrested Development' is 'definitely' coming back, says series creator Mitch Hurwitz

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We haven't seen the end of Arrested Development, if series creator Mitch Hurwitz and Netflix have their way. If they can get the whole cast together again, said Hurwitz, he's ready to make an Arrested Development movie and / or a fifth season of the cult classic television series.

His remarks came during a Q&A at Just for Laughs comedy conference in Montreal earlier this week, and intriguingly, it was Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos himself who posed the question. "Are we going to do more?" asked Sarandos, according to The Daily Dot. "Definitely," replied Hurwitz.

Then, Hurwitz laid out a number of possibilities. Perhaps a movie first, and then another season. Perhaps just another season. Or perhaps, a special three-part episode before continuing the series. "Are you game for that?" Hurwitz asked the Netflix exec. "Absolutely," replied Sarandos. "In any form."

"Definitely" and "absolutely" sound like promising answers from the parties responsible

In February, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that making new episodes of Arrested Development after season four wasn't in the cards. He called Arrested Development a "fantastic one-off" made possible under "non-repeatable circumstances," and later admitted that the new season didn't really add many new Netflix subscribers.

It seems like Netflix has changed its tune about Arrested Development, though. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that the streaming video company was in talks to produce another season. It also probably can't hurt that the series was just nominated for three Emmy awards.