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Sony and Panasonic team up to create 300GB discs of the future

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Believing there is a future for optical discs, Sony and Panasonic have said they will jointly develop a new next-generation standard capable of storing a minimum of 300GB on a single piece of media. While both companies have released their own high-capacity optical solutions in the past, they will now work together to develop a new format that will target professionals, but may also come in handy for regular consumers as well.

A 300GB disc could be ready in 2015

While many companies, including Amazon, are trying to get you to move your data to the cloud, they still need a way to back those files up. Professional industries use high-capacity discs to store things like high-definition film and move large amounts of data. Sony and Panasonic hope that by developing a new standard for optical discs, industries will jump on board, ultimately benefitting consumers in the long run. The two companies hope to make their new 300GB disc available by the end of 2015.