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Microsoft prices Xbox One controller at $59.99, headset at $24.99

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Xbox One controllers
Xbox One controllers

We now know a little more about Microsoft's cost proposition for the Xbox One; the company has revealed that spare controllers will cost $59.99, and official wireless headsets will sell for $24.99. The information will be important to anyone wanting to play local multiplayer or use voice chat on Xbox Live — Xbox 360 controllers and games are not compatible with the new console, and Microsoft won't include a headset in the box.

The Xbox One itself will cost $499.99, a $100 premium on Sony's PlayStation 4 — which comes with a headset. However, Microsoft is packing in a Kinect depth camera with every Xbox One, and says that it can be used as a substitute for a headset in online gaming. Sony's own PlayStation Camera peripheral will cost $59.99 as a separate accessory, and extra PlayStation 4 controllers will go for the same price.