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New Zagat apps released, Google+ Local pulled from iOS App Store

New, 17 comments gets a redesign too

New Zagat apps and website
New Zagat apps and website

On Friday, the Google+ Local iPhone app was removed from Apple's App Store. Then, on Monday, a new Zagat iPhone app landed in the App Store that essentially picks up where Google+ Local left off. Both apps feature Zagat reviews for restaurants and nightlife hangouts, and both apps use embedded Google Maps to direct users to a recommended location. But the Zagat iPhone app isn't the only news from the Google-owned survey and reviews business today. Zagat's Android app and were updated on Monday too, and all three are dressed in Google's "card" user interface. This is the same UI employed on Google Now, Google Maps, and Google+ on iOS, Android, and the web.

Zagat is now a lot more Googley

The app and online updates bring Zagat's products in line with the design language seen on just about every modern Google app. Obviously, this isn't a mistake. Google has been pushing for design consistency across its products for the last couple years and Zagat, which was acquired by the search company in 2011, is simply the latest to be brought into the fold. While Zagat on the iPhone is basically a replacement for the now-defunct Google+ Local app, Google+ Local still lives on in other products. For one thing, it remains a part of Google+ on the web. And many of its best features were built into Google Maps a few weeks ago — including reviews from Google+ and Zagat, and the average price of a meal or drinks at a location.

Hopefully the combination of Zagat's new apps and the refreshed Google Maps will provide some respite for those still using the Google+ Local app — according to TechCrunch, Google is pulling the plug on the Google+ Local iPhone app's functionality on August 7th. We reached out to Google for comment on the Google+ Local shutdown and we'll update here if we hear back.