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Apple TV beta reportedly adds one-tap configuration and iTunes music purchases

Apple TV beta reportedly adds one-tap configuration and iTunes music purchases

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Ever since WWDC Apple has been rolling out new beta software builds to developers, and it appears the latest update for the Apple TV shows off several new features. Apple Insider reports that the latest beta, released today, adds the ability to purchase iTunes tracks directly from the Apple TV itself. Previously users were able to stream music from their iTunes Match library or a Mac on the same Wi-Fi network, but there was no way to expand one's library. It was an odd oversight in the first place, but the inclusion of iTunes Radio — itself a service that will allow users to discover new music — makes the ability to purchase music even more of a logical feature for the Apple TV.

Simpler set-up thanks to iOS 7 and Bluetooth

The best news, however, comes with a new simpler initial set-up taking advantage of iOS devices and Bluetooth. According to a screenshot posted by Benedict Evans, users will simply be able to turn on Bluetooth on an iOS 7 device and tap it to their Apple TV, and the streaming player will automatically configure itself. As Apple Insider points out, the new system won't work with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, likely highlighting Bluetooth Low Energy as the enabling technology that makes the auto-configuration possible (the iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad were the first iOS devices to incorporate BLE). Previously, owners of an Apple TV would have to manually find their Wi-Fi network, enter credentials, and pair their iOS device using a traditional infrared remote — a laborious process given the otherwise streamlined Apple TV interface. Should the feature make it into the final version of the coming Apple TV update — and to be frank, we really hope it does — it will address what's been one of the most egregious pain points with the media player.