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Thomson Reuters Twitter account flooded with pro-Assad cartoons in Syrian Electronic Army hack

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syrian electronic army
syrian electronic army

The Twitter account of news agency Thomson Reuters appears to have been hacked, the latest victim in a string of similar incidents at the hands of a group called the Syrian Electronic Army. All Things D points out that the account has been suspended, but not before posting a series of inflammatory cartoons (compiled by BuzzFeed) aimed at the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army, the USA, Turkey, and Lebanon.

The Thomson Reuters hack follows a several-month lull after the group attacked the Twitter accounts of news outlets including CBS, NPR, The Guardian, and even satire site The Onion. The Army has also claimed responsibility for stealing millions of Tango users’ email addresses and hacking UK broadcasting group Sky’s Android apps.

The exact identities and connections of the hackers to the Assad regime are unknown, but a representative of the group expressed to The Verge that they aim to "deliver a message and spread truth" about the Syrian civil war, which has been raging in the country for the past two years. The conflict has made it nearly impossible for journalists to report from Syria, and has claimed over 100,000 lives according to the UN.