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MTV to celebrate Independence Day by actually playing music videos

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MTV logo
MTV logo

On July 4th, for a period of 12 hours, MTV is going back to its roots. The network will be playing a block of music videos (and music videos only) covering pop, rock, country, indie, hip-hop, and EDM. During that half-day window, there will be no reality TV: you won't see Catfish, nor Teen Mom or True Life. MTV is billing the special holiday event as "the ultimate party playlist," but for those who remember MTV as it once was — long before YouTube and Vevo became the music video destinations for a new generation — there's bound to be some sense of nostalgia. Videos will be running from 6AM to 6PM EST (lest MTV interrupt your evening celebration plans), after which the channel's regular programming schedule will kick back in with marathon runs of Ridiculousness, Catfish, and Girl Code. Needless to say, enjoy the music while it lasts.