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Apple's iWork for iCloud beta available to some non-developers (update)

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Apple unveiled iWork for the web back at WWDC last month, and while the online document portal has been available on the iCloud beta site for some time, non-developers are apparently having success in accessing the service as well. Despite the fact that Apple's beta releases are typically for developers only, some non-developers with an Apple ID are able to log on and start creating documents over the web. They'll be saved to your iCloud account and can be accessed on your Mac or iOS device, just as Apple showed off onstage. And if you've used Pages, Keynote, or Numbers on other devices and hooked them in to your iCloud account, all of your documents should show up there already. Apple sent out emails to developers today inviting them to try the new service out, but it seems they aren't filtering out standard users as we might expect — whether this is by design or an accident remains to be seen. If you want to try it out, head over to Apple's iCloud beta site and see if your Apple ID will let you in.

Correction: The iWork for iCloud beta is accessible by those with an active developer account. A paid developer subscription does not seem to be required, and even some users who don't currently maintain active developer accounts have reported success in using iWork for iCloud. Your results may vary, and we apologize for any confusion caused by our original story.