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Boxee Cloud DVR shutting down July 10th in wake of Samsung acquisition

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boxee box rear
boxee box rear

Earlier today news broke that Samsung had acquired streaming set-top box manufacturer Boxee for $30 million, and it looks like the company is going to be killing off the Boxee TV's Cloud DVR service almost immediately. Boxee has confirmed the acquisition on its own site, and states that while Boxee is working to ensure there will be only "minimal interruption" to current users, the beta Cloud DVR functionality of the Boxee TV will be turned off July 10th, and no existing recordings will be available after that date. While Boxee TV never really took off in a major way, the limit-free DVR functionality was one of the headlining features of the new device, and such a quick exit will no doubt be a disappointment to current owners. Fortunately, Boxee TV users have the coming weekend to catch up on their unwatched programs.