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'QWOP' stumbles across the Android finish line over two years after iOS

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qwop android
qwop android

The enduring popularity of Bennett Foddy's torturous athletics classic QWOP shows no sign of letting up, and the game is now available to a whole new audience with today's release on Android.

It's more or less identical to the iOS version that came out back in late 2010, with the PC original's unique keyboard controls translated to the touchscreen. If anything, this makes the game even more frustrating; we haven't had much luck getting our intrepid runner beyond a few meters of the start.

Perfect for stressful holiday gaming

The mobile versions also feature some extra modes, with events such as hurdles and the long jump complicating the necessary finger calisthenics. Like its iOS counterpart, the Android version sells for $0.99; we're not sure what took it so long, but we recommend it to anyone who finds this July 4th a little too relaxing.