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Time Warner begins CBS blackout, immediately backtracks

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remote control netflix button asus stock 1020
remote control netflix button asus stock 1020

With a deal failing to materialize between CBS and Time Warner Cable, the former's programming has been removed from TWC's lineup in several markets across the country. The two have been at an impasse for months over retransmission fees that TWC has to pay CBS in order to carry its content. The cable company says that it has pulled local CBS broadcasts in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. It's also removed Showtime, TMC, Flix, and Smithsonian from its nationwide lineup.

Last week, a Time Warner representative stated publicly that it would recommend affected customers turn to Aereo in order to watch their favorite CBS programming. In a post on its blog, TWC stood by the earlier statement, writing that "in NYC only, CBS is available through Aereo, which is currently offering a one-month-free-trial." The service allows subscribers to watch terrestrial TV broadcasts captured with a dime-sized antenna at Aereo's facilities. Likewise, TWC subscribers in affected areas can still catch CBS programs the old fashioned way. It's not clear how long the outage can be expected to last, but we'll keep you updated as more details come out.

Update: According to multiple reports on Twitter, Time Warner has already ended the CBS blackout at the broadcaster's request. A representative from TWC confirmed the story with The Verge, saying that "we have temporarily reinstated any programming that had been pulled."