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Popular mobile photography app VSCO Cam coming to Android

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Camera and photography apps are a dime a dozen on the iPhone, but apart from a few big names such as Instagram, they are much less common on Android. VSCO Cam, one of the hottest new photography apps for iOS, is bucking that trend, however, as it has announced plans to bring its app over to Android and has simultaneously launched private beta testing for the app.

VSCO Cam's appeal lies in its simple, stylish, and modern interface, which gives users easy access to focus and exposure settings without getting in the way of actually taking a picture. VSCO also leverages the company's extensive experience in building filters for Adobe's Lightroom desktop app, providing users with many filters to choose from after they take their pics. VSCO Cam also offers a lot of options for tweaking your photos after the fact, all in a simple-to-use gesture-based layout, and it has built-in sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other services.

VSCO isn't saying exactly when the app will be available for Android, but it is allowing interested parties to sign up for early access to the private beta now. Requirements for the beta include having a Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, or HTC One, and the app will likely be initially limited to higher-end devices when it launches publicly. VSCO says that it will expand availability to more Android 4.0+ devices after its release.

We've been let down by many apps coming from iOS to Android in the past — performance and usability always seem to take a hit in the Android versions — so hopefully VSCO's requirements of higher-end devices will helpfully alleviate any potential performance issues. Those that meet the requirements can apply for access to the beta now.

Update: An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated that Hipstamatic was available for Android. It, in fact, is not available on the Android platform.