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'The Simpsons' may hit cable for the first time as Fox seeks $1 billion deal

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The Simpsons
The Simpsons

The Simpsons has gone on longer than most ever really expected it would, with 24 seasons and a whopping 530 episodes under its belt. If that somehow isn't enough, it sounds like a new syndication deal will bring the show to cable for the first time in the near future — as first reported by TV Guide and later backed up by a Reuters report, Fox is shopping the rights to air The Simpsons in syndication for a whopping $1 billion. While the show has been in syndication for years, this would mark the first time cable stations will get a crack at one of the most famous shows of the last few decades.

According to TV Guide's sources, the cable network that lands this deal will have the right to show The Simpsons on any of its channels it pleases, and they'll get the rights to every episode currently available as well as ones from future seasons. Potential destinations for the show include Fox's own FX network or Viacom (owner of Nick at Nite, MTV, and Comedy Central, among others) — both are natural destinations, but it's all just speculation until there's an official announcement. One thing that remains up in the air is why Fox is looking to make this change now, which would go against its previous broadcast syndication deal. TV Guide speculates that The Simpsons might finally wrap after its 25th season, which would change that broadcast-only deal. It's certainly possible, but we're not ready to put our money on the show wrapping up just yet.