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Facebook launches Mobile Games Publishing to pair small game studios with interested gamers

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facebook mobile games publishing
facebook mobile games publishing

Facebook is hoping to help small game developers reach a big audience by giving them careful and prominent placement within the social network's mobile apps. In exchange for handing some of their revenue over to Facebook, game developers will be able to participate in the newly launched Facebook Mobile Games Publishing program — a test program that's more about advertising than publishing, despite the name. Developers enrolled in the program will seemingly be given access to better targeting tools. For example, Facebook suggests that a strategy game could be marketed directly to enthusiasts of the genre.

The program is launching today with ten partners, with games spanning genres from RPGs to endless runners. Facebook says that it's "collaborating deeply" with those game companies, and that it's become invested in their success. The program is only open to small and medium-sized game studios, and Facebook notes that they'll be given access to analytics tools that it's been developing for its gaming platform over the years. Non-gamers won't necessarily be seeing an influx of ads for Facebook's partners though — the promotions will ostensibly be targeted toward active gamers, with the hopes of recommending something else that they might like.