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HBO 'actively exploring' Chromecast support, won't commit on timing

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HBO logo
HBO logo

It's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but HBO says it's at least "exploring" the possibility of streaming HBO Go to Google's Chromecast. "We are actively exploring supporting Chromecast as another way for our subscribers to enjoy HBO Go, but at this point we can’t comment on specific plans regarding timing," a spokesperson told Variety. The statement serves as yet more evidence that HBO could eventually join competitor Netflix as an official content partner for the new $35 streaming dongle.

Mentions of HBO Go have been found in Chromecast's underlying software, hinting that Google is already be testing a potential app — or may have been ahead of the device's launch. You'll still need a proper HBO subscription to view programming if and when the company jumps on board with Google's young streaming technology, but native support would certainly beat the iffy frame rate and occasional lag that comes with tab casting.