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FileMaker dropping Bento database app for Mac and iOS

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iphone happily sitting in bento
iphone happily sitting in bento

Apple subsidiary FileMaker is dropping Bento, the consumer-friendly database app for OS X and iOS, in order to focus on its core products. The Mac app was first released in 2008 to generally positive reviews, followed by an iPhone version the following year and an iPad version in 2010. Bento aimed to make database programming more approachable to ordinary users, with built-in templates for handling common tasks like tracking expenses, creating cookbooks, and managing to-do lists.

It’s hard to know what went wrong, but with simple note-taking apps like Evernote, Simplenote, and Notational Velocity making it easy to set up links between arbitrary notes and offering easy syncing over the internet, the number of users shopping for a full-on relational database probably took a hit. Especially considering Bento required you to sync between desktop and mobile versions over local Wi-Fi. FileMaker says that the last day of availability for Bento products will be September 30th, after which it will focus on FileMaker Pro for the Mac and FileMaker Go for iOS.