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UK internet providers get into a tussle over the definition of 'superfast'

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EE, the biggest carrier and currently the only provider of 4G services in the UK, has been rapped by advertising regulators over its use of the term "superfast." According to EE, the phrase captures just how speedy its LTE network is, but UK telecoms giant BT isn't prepared to let that stand. BT argues that the terminology of superfast internet should only relate to fixed-line broadband services, a market that it conveniently has a huge amount of power over.

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is inclined to agree with BT but in doing so shows the absurdity of the company's objection. While EE's website is deemed to be misleading, the carrier's TV adverts escape punishment because they carry small print clarifying the the "superfast" speeds consumers can expect. Ultimately, the complaint appears to be a power struggle in an extremely competitive UK broadband market. EE offers both mobile and fixed-line services, while BT has set its sights on UK carriers with the upcoming launch of its own LTE mobile network, adding to its fixed-line broadband, TV, and phone services. Having leveraged its exclusive access to 4G networks for over nine months, EE will be joined by O2, Vodafone, Three, and BT in the coming weeks.

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