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Facebook takes on Twitter with embeddable statuses and photos

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mark zuckerberg prism post
mark zuckerberg prism post

Facebook today announced that public photos, statuses, videos, and hashtags can now be embedded on the web, just like tweets. Embedding Facebook content isn't as dead-simple as embedding a Vine or an Instagram photo with some basic HTML — since for now, Facebook is only testing the functionality with a few sites: Bleacher Report, CNN, The Huffington Post, Mashable and People. The company plans to let any other site embed posts in the coming weeks and months.

Venus_williams_embedEmbed mockup, via Facebook

When you like or comment on an embedded post, comments and likes update in real time both on Facebook and on the site you're visiting. Twitter can't say the same for embedded tweets, which ask you to leave the site you're on (using a pop-up) to favorite or reply to a tweet.

While many celebrities, sports stars, and newsmakers have traditionally turned to Twitter to post updates, some have turned to Facebook, since it offers the ability to go beyond 140 characters and natively include big images and videos inside posts. The company hopes that embedding will help these posts go even further as they spread across the web — and inevitably, get included in a BuzzFeed list.