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A virtual reality Paperboy made with Kinect and the Oculus Rift

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Faced with the possibilities of VR gaming, most people think of chasing dragons in Skyrim or storming compounds in Counter-Strike — but Toronto tech agency Globacore had a simpler idea. They wanted to make a virtual reality version of the classic Atari game Paperboy, powered by an exercise bike, a Kinect camera and an Oculus Rift. A bike tracking widget called Kickr lets the developers track the pedaling speed of the bike, while the Kinect tracks the paper-throwing motion of the arms, and the Oculus Rift brings it all together in an immersive VR environment. The result is called PaperDude VR, and it's a surprisingly thorough combination of VR mechanics and old-school aesthetics. So far, it only exists in the Globacore office, but hopefully they can be persuaded to take it on the road.