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Time Warner Cable app for Samsung Smart TVs launches with on-demand streaming

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Samsung Smart TV (STOCK)
Samsung Smart TV (STOCK)

Time Warner Cable has launched its on-demand streaming app, TWC TV, for Samsung's Smart TV platform. If you own a compatible set released in either 2012 or 2013, the cable operator says you'll get instant access to "over 5,000" movies and TV shows — content assembled from a total of 94 providers. Customers that subscribe to TWC's "Standard (Expanded Basic)" tier or above are eligible to use the app, though the list of on-demand programming you'll see will varies by market and according to your cable package.

Unfortunately, live TV isn't in the cards at this point; Time Warner Cable says it hopes to enable live streaming "by the end of this year." What that means is while Samsung's Smart TVs can play back a wealth of VOD content, you'll still need to be tethered to a cable box to watch shows as they happen. That's disappointing, particularly since TWC TV already provides live TV access on iOS, Android, and desktop web browsers, turning a range of devices into additional screens for cable viewing. Even Roku set-top boxes can stream live programming, so the experience on Samsung TVs is already a bit behind what's out there. But if you've got a Samsung TV in the bedroom or someplace else where live content may not be necessary, it's still a nice addition.