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New 'Jobs' featurette offers best look yet at Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

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jobs 765 a
jobs 765 a

You've heard Ashton Kutcher's thoughts on portraying the late Steve Jobs. Now, as the August 16th theatrical release of Jobs draws closer, a new three-minute featurette offers viewers an extended preview of Kutcher's performance. The clip testifies to the hours of work Kutcher put into studying the mannerisms and vocal inflections of Apple's co-founder.

"It terrified me, and most of the great things I've been able to accomplish in my life were things that terrified me," he said during a recent On The Verge interview. Co-stars including Josh Gad — who plays Steve Wozniak in the film — also contribute commentary on what went into the project. The soundtrack may not fit, and the film's makeup crew admittedly could've done a better job with the beard seen on circa-2001 Jobs. Still, the below video is likely the best glimpse you'll get of Jobs before it opens nationwide just over two weeks from today. After that, you can decide for yourself if the film does the tech luminary justice.