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Imgur releases iPhone and iPad app for sharing viral images

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Imgur on iOS
Imgur on iOS

Imgur, the image sharing service known for hosting viral photos, has just launched its first iPhone and iPad app to complement the app it released on Android a little over a month ago. Imgur on iOS looks and works pretty much the same as it does on Android: users can upload, share, comment on images, and manage galleries. As it is on Android, Imgur's iOS app is free and allows users to search through the service's massive collection of photos, memes, and GIFs.

After digging through the app, it seems that every feature found in the Android version is matched on iOS — including Imgur's point system and the ability to filter searches by what's newest, most viral, and highest scoring. As 9to5Mac notes, iOS has other Imgur compatible apps from third parties (based on an open API) which might appeal more to the Reddit community which helped make Imgur so popular. The official app is available now in the App Store.