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Like HBO, Hulu also 'actively working' to support Google Chromecast

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hulu plus airplay
hulu plus airplay

The content providers are lining up to support Google's Chromecast. One day after HBO said it was "actively exploring" the streaming stick, Hulu has gone a step further and confirmed a solution is already in the works. “We are actively working with Google to bring Hulu Plus to the platform,” a company representative told Variety. No specific ETA has been given, but with Hulu Plus and (presumably) HBO Go set to join Netflix, Google has already locked down three services considered essential among many viewers.

Even better, Hulu says it will be bringing Chromecast integration to Hulu Plus for iOS — much like competitor Netflix. That means both Android and iOS users alike will soon enjoy smoother playback and a better overall experience compared with what's currently possible via tab casting. And for the record, Hulu has no problem with customers using Google's browser trick before official support arrives. Variety says the company likens tab casting to plugging in a computer directly via HDMI. That's not quite how things work in reality, but it's good to know that content providers aren't taking issue with the concept.